Labor Day is internationally organized and celebrated on the 1st of May of every year. It is the day on which both employers and employees come together to celebrate the achievements of the institution and to recognize employees’ performance. It is also the opportunity to review what they did in the previous year and then come up with measures to increase the quality and the productivity of their organization.

This year 2022 at UTAB, the celebrations took place in Dominican’s House at Nyagatare on 2nd May 2022. This celebration began with visiting Nyagatare town, Maryhill Girl Secondary School, UR Nyagatare, Gorogota Stadium… Thereafter, the prayer was led by UTAB Vice-Chancellor Father Dr. MUNANA Gilbert and other 2 Dominican’s Father in the Dominican’s Chapel.

Mukayisenga Genereuse, UTAB staff’ delegate, took a speech on behalf of all employees and praised how UTAB gives opportunities to employees in the same way and asked all employees to be team workers in order to achieve their objectives.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of UTAB welcomed all staff and the new ones. He further congratulated all staff for commendable service delivery to the students. Moreover, He praised UTAB’s staff commitment shown in serving last holiday program students and encouraged all employees to work in synergy towards much better services to promote the institution’s image. He come back to the line of this year’s theme ‘’The future of work, our shared agenda” and emphasized the significant role of the current government which strives to avail all possible opportunities beneficial to the citizens’ development, and asked employees to attach great importance to their job and aspire to always take advantage of opportunities available to improve any kind of job they are doing in order to accelerate their own development and the one of our country. He concluded by wishing all staff a bright future.

Here are some pictures that reflect Labor Day at UTAB.

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