Governing Body

Governing Body is the governing and decision making organ of UTAB.

The Responsibilities of Governing Body are:

  • To express opinions on the policy of education in the Higher Education and to make the follow-up of its execution in accordance with attributions of each Institution of Higher Learning;
  • To elaborate Specific Regulations of UTAB;
  • To approve the budget of UTAB;
  • To approve short, medium and long term action plan of UTAB;
  • To approve each year the plan of activities of UTAB and the budget relating to it;
  • To approve decisions of the Senate, more particularly the granting of degrees,
  • Recruitment, promotion, setting of wages and premiums of teachers and researchers of UTAB as well as sanctions inflicted on them if necessary;
  • To approve decisions of Executive Council on finance management, property and personnel of UTAB;
  • To set the amount of fees to be paid by students and expenses to be invested in general services of UTAB;
  • To determine people who will benefit from study loans expenses and prizes managed by UTAB;
  • To approve loans, gifts, subsidies and legacies granted to UTAB;
  • To take care of any activity aiming at allowing UTAB to fulfill its attributions;
  • To approve conventions that UTAB signs with other Institutions of Higher Learning, research centers and other authorities in general.
Standing committees

The Governing Body set up the following three Standing Committees:

      • Audit Standing Committee;
      • Academic, research and ICT Standing Committee;
      • Developing and Planning Standing Committee.