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Directorate of Students Welfare

Students’ welfare is paramount in all UTAB endeavors as a Higher Education Institution and this justify the existence of the operating Directorate of students’ welfare.

The directorate supports the academic and para-academic mission of UTAB by assisting students in their academic, social and cultural development through the delivery of a wide range of services. It plays a key role in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for the student community, helps students to achieve their educational and personal development goals and works with them to enhance the campus life and to foster academic excellence.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. The Directorate of students’ welfare provides and monitors services and activities designed to support students along their stay at University of Arts and Technology of Byumba (UTAB).
  2. The directorate serves as a link between students and UTAB administration in improving students’ life on the campus and in promoting a community climate in which learning can best take place.
  3. It also welcomes and orients new students and helps them in not only integrating the university community but also in maximizing learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  4. Mostly it takes care of students’ concerns and initiatives and encourages them to develop appropriate community behaviors and personal values and to participate in organizations that prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Students of UTAB

  1. To ensure that all Halls of residence at the University and/or affiliated hostels are well maintained and managed.
  2. To develop appropriate strategies for minimizing and managing students’ conflicts and unrest.
  3. To ensure that the cafeterias are efficiently managed in the University.
  4. To ensure that the security of students is catered for, and all cases of insecurity are reported and handled accordingly.
  5. To ensure that students’ leadership is run in accordance with the University policy and regulations.
  6. To establish and monitor channels of communication with regard to students’ welfare with the view of giving the students the necessary advice.
  7. To determine and schedule courses and recommends implementation of additional courses.
  8. To coordinate activities of students ‘activities.
  9. Planning and directing matters related to the operations of the Students Guild (Students Union) and other appropriate advice and guidance.
  10. To direct all matters relating to students’ health in liaison with the medical officer in charge.
  11. To ensure, with the help of Guidance and Counseling Centers, that students get appropriate counseling services, with special attention to vulnerable students.
  12. To ensure that all sports and recreation activities are well organized.
  13. To provide the necessary sports and recreational facilities to promote sports in the University.
  14. To schedule, plan students’ activities i.e., meetings, timetables, social events, etc

Norms and Standards



  1. Having organized hostels, lodges and restaurants for students.
  2. Having a structure and facilities of extracurricular activities: sports, cultural activities, faith-based activities, entertainment
  3. Having trained personnel for the directorate: counselors, coaches for sports and entertainment activities
  4. Having updated regulations for disciplines and behaviors in different university settings




  1. Foster collaborative and cooperative learning that helps students feel connected to peers.
  2. Be friendly and approachable.
  3. Demonstrate interest in students’ questions and ideas.
  4. Understand students’ perspectives, concerns and experiences.
  5. Having integrity
  6. Being honest and disciplined
  7. Being honest

Contact Information

1. Dean of Students


Email: dir.welfare@utab.ac.rw 


2. Student Welfare

Names: NDAMUKUNDA Rachel
Tel: +250725892527