Online Application

For Level 1, | Level 2, 3 & 4 | PGDE
Admission CriteriaOnline Application

Step 1: Upon completion of admission, students can Apply themselves online.

Before doing the online Application check the following guidelines :

Click here to apply now: UMIS.

Requested documents for registration:

The following documents are requested:

  • Notarized certificate of secondary school
  • Copy of result reports of 6,5 and 4 secondary school
  • Copy of National Id card for national and copy of Passport for foreigner
  • 2 Colored photos of passport

Please Note that:

  • Application fee for year one: Free
  • Application fee for year2, year3, and year4 : Rwf 10,000 
  • Registration fee: RWF 39,500 

Step 2: After the complete Application process

To complete the registration process with UMIS, you will receive a notification via SMS containing instructions. You must follow all the steps provided in the SMS to successfully register.

For more information contact:

Phone1: +250788214034
Phone2: +250788884188