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Mr. NGARAMBE Sylvestre
Coordinator of Language Center

Language Center

The language center at a UTAB offers language learning programs and services. These centers are often dedicated to teaching various languages to students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. Language centers may provide courses in languages such as English, Kinyarwanda, French, and Kiswahili. The courses can cater to different proficiency levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, and may focus on various aspects of language learning, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and cultural understanding.



The Coordinator, together with the language teaching staff, is in charge of teachingcoordinating and planning language courses; as well as managing language testing and certification.


The main goal of the Language Center is to coordinate and expand the whole range of language acquisition opportunities and provide excellent language learning conditions to both students, administrative and academic staff.
The Language Center aims to provide UTAB students with the opportunity to apply their language competences in both formal and informal contexts ranging from guest lectures, to courses which focus on specific language skills (e.g., writing or speaking)

Services offered

Language Training

We train our students and other customers in English language and other languages used in Rwanda (Kinyarwanda, French and Kiswahili). We also provide other language learning materials, to help and promote the use of languages outside the formal language classroom. The LC establishes programmes for teaching and training languages at different levels. However, students, staff and community members are allowed to study other languages (Kiswahili, and French) optionally. In addition, we prepare other additional activities including language laboratories, workshops, and events which help our customers to enrich language learning across contexts.

English Proficiency

English proficiency is compulsory for all UTAB students and no one will be allowed to graduate without Certified English proficiency. Therefore, we develop English courses to enable our students develop abilities in all aspects of English language skills. In this regard, the LC prepares a test of language competence which is done by all new students.

Teaching Kinyarwanda language and culture

We focus on enhancing Kinyarwanda and the Rwandan culture through the creation of new cultural clubs and reinforcing the current operating ones.