Mr. BIZIMUNGU Jean Baptiste,Director of of Planning and Development

The Directorate of Planning and Development is one of the Directorates set up by UTAB. The planning activities are the corn stone of any institution and of UTAB in particular because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This Directorate is operating under the supervision of the Vice Rector of Finance and administration and it contains three offices: planning, production and partnership offices. The main responsibilities allocated to this directorate are hereunder:

  • Coordinate all planning, marketing and partnership activities of UTAB
  • Elaborate the development plan of the Institute;
  • Monitor the implementation of UTAB Strategic plan and action plan;
  • Contribute to elaboration of research projects for financing the activities of UTAB;
  • Regular follow up of implementation of UTAB’s projects and suggest improvement where necessary;
  • Analyze and elaborate new projects;
  • Suggest strategies and contribute to resource mobilization for plan implementation of income generating projects ;
  • Suggest new projects to submit to donors and/or partners;
  • Reporting on implementation of UTAB projects;
  • Develop strategies to market effectively the institution;
  • Participate in the development of all management policies of UTAB
  • Participate in research and consultancy activities of UTAB
  • Participate in planning of the number of students, teachers and researchers;
  • Analyze the capacity of the Institute to enroll students;
  • Evaluate on annually basis the achievement of Institute’s objectives