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Carreer Guidance Center

Carreer Guidance Center

“Career Guidance Center” at a university is a facility or department that provides resources and support to students and alumni in their career development and decision-making process. These centers often offer services such as career counseling, job search assistance, resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, and organizing career fairs and networking events

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Work on various IT developmental programs that would help UTAB reach newer heights and take care that all the programs and projects are designed from the point of view of achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Approve and monitor major projects, IT budgets, priorities, standards, procedures, and overall IT performance.
  • Set annual targets related to IT operations and monitor the overall performance of the entire department.
  • Review the adequacy and allocation of IT resources in terms of funding, personnel, equipment, and service levels
  • Monitor network security and supervise the entire network system of UTAB.


  • Coordinating induction of new students in collaboration with Students’ Guild and other University services
  • Allocating mentors to classes in collaboration with faculties
  • Coordinating the implementation of Students’ Personal Development Plan in collaboration with faculties
  • Providing support to students for the development of employability skills: writing CVs and cover letters, preparing for interview, business communication, ethics of work etc.
  • Providing support to entrepreneurship clubs and other initiatives aiming at developing entrepreneurial skills among the students
  • Providing information on job markets and professional internships and linking students and graduates with industries likely to offer professional internships
  • Coordinating industrial attachment and school practice in collaboration with faculties
  • Organizing field visits for students in collaboration with faculties
  • Organizing talks to students aiming at enhancing professional skills and preparing them to being competitive on the labor market.


Students, graduates, staff, and community members may request any resources from the Coordinator of the Career Guidance Centre as many of them are soft. Some are available in UTAB Main Library.

If you need any of those resources, contact the Coordinator at 0784302090