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The Office of Depute Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research
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Depute Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research

Dr Niyonzima Eliezer holds a PhD in Education, double Master’s degrees in Educational Management and English Literature, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He has been in academia for 18 years where he has taught many subjects including: Communication Skills in English, Study Skills, African Literature, American Literature,  Literary Criticism, Educational Management, Seminar on Literature and Teaching Methods.

He has occupied many leadership positions including Dean of Faculty of Education, Director of Quality Assurance before being appointed to the current position of Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics and Research.

His research areas include Teaching Methods and Literature

Office of DVC-AR


Welcome to the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research. Our primary goal is to provide strategic leadership, planning, and management in the areas of academic affairs and research activities. The office works closely with faculty members, academic administrators, and research staff to ensure the delivery of high-quality education, promote research excellence, and advance the UTAB’s academic reputation.

We are responsible for overseeing and managing the academic and research functions of the institution. It is typically headed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research and comprises various divisions or units that support and enhance the institution’s academic programs, curriculum development, teaching and learning practices, and research endeavors.

Duties & Responsibilities


Functions and responsibilities associated with the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research:

  • Academic Program Development and Enhancement: The office oversees the development, evaluation, and enhancement of academic programs and curriculum across various disciplines. It collaborates with faculty members and academic departments to ensure that programs meet the institution’s standards, align with industry needs, and foster student success.
  • Teaching and Learning Support: The office provides support, resources, and professional development opportunities to enhance teaching and learning practices. This may include organizing faculty development programs, promoting innovative instructional methods, facilitating the use of educational technology, and supporting the implementation of best practices in pedagogy.
  • Academic Policy Development: The office develops and implements academic policies, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements. It works in collaboration with faculty governance bodies, committees, and other stakeholders to establish policies related to grading, academic integrity, student progress, and other academic matters.
  • Research Management and Support: The office supports and promotes research activities within the institution. This includes providing resources and guidance for grant applications, managing research funding and compliance, facilitating interdisciplinary research collaborations, and promoting the dissemination of research findings through publications, conferences, and other avenues.
  • Academic Assessment and Evaluation: The office establishes and manages processes for assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of academic programs, instructional methods, and student learning outcomes. It collects and analyzes data to inform decision-making and continuous improvement efforts, ensuring that the institution maintains high standards of academic excellence.
  • Accreditation and Quality Assurance: The office coordinates accreditation processes and ensures compliance with accrediting bodies’ standards and requirements. It plays a key role in preparing accreditation reports, organizing site visits, and implementing quality assurance measures to maintain the institution’s accreditation status.
  • Student Support and Academic Services: The office oversees student support services related to academic matters, such as academic advising, academic counseling, academic accommodations, and support for student success. It collaborates with other student services units to provide comprehensive support that promotes student retention and academic achievement.
  • Faculty Development and Recognition: The office supports faculty development initiatives, including mentoring programs, workshops, and grants for professional growth. It recognizes and rewards faculty achievements in teaching, research, and service, fostering a culture of excellence and scholarly contributions.
  • Research Ethics and Compliance: The office ensures compliance with ethical guidelines and regulations governing research activities. It establishes and monitors research ethics policies and procedures, oversees the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or ethics committees, and promotes responsible conduct of research among faculty, staff, and students.
  • Strategic Planning and Partnerships: The office contributes to strategic planning efforts by providing academic and research expertise. It identifies and cultivates partnerships with external organizations, research institutes, and industry partners to enhance research collaborations, funding opportunities, and the impact of the institution’s research activities.

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