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UTAB Hosts a One-Day Workshop on Science, Technology and Management
Today: April 13, 2024

On 20 July 2022, the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba in collaboration with the University of Parma organized a workshop on Science, Technology, and Management in the framework of the EnRHEd Project.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice Chancellor of UTAB, Father. Dr. Munana Gilbert expressed his gratitude to all participants for attending the workshop.  He explained that all topics are in the close line of the vision of UTAB which is “To become a radiating university of academic and professional excellence for sustainable socio-economic development”. He furthermore added that technology is the major orientation of UTAB and one of the priorities of the vision 2050 of the Government of Rwanda. As our country continues to be one of the fastest growing African countries in ICT and there are several avenues for growth for the ICT sector to becoming a regional center for the training of top-quality ICT professionals and research and why not position UTAB among national and/or international leading Higher Learning Institutions! “This is our dream”, Vice Chancellor declared. He finally informed that UTAB intends to open a new Faculty of Technology.  Before closing his speech, the Vice Chancellor of UTAB expressed that this workshop was not the last. “These workshops will certainly shape the quality of the education we deliver and foster community-oriented researches, among many others” confirmed the Vice Chancellor confirmed. He finally acknowledged the important role played by all partners in both preparation and implementation of that workshop.

During this workshop on Science, Technology and Management, various topics were presented and discussed. They include the following:


  1. Waste Management and Circular Economy by Fr. Dr. Lucien Hakizimana
  2. Sustainable systems for slope stabilization by Prof. Roberto Valentino
  3. Soil erosion: the geomorphological perspective by Prof. Alessandro Chelli
  4. The world of the future, block chain and the use of technology by Alexis Havugimana
  5. Groundwater: a hidden resource to protect by Prof. Emma Petrella
  6. Automatic Irrigation System for Greenhouses by Yvonne Iradukunda
  7. Synthesis of a Solid Mixed Microbial Bio-Fertilizer and Study of its Characterization by Fabien


  1. E-payment system and trade improvement by Bizimungu Jean Baptiste
  2. Electricity consumption management system and economic management by Amon Rutikanga
  3. Challenges and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence in Rwandan Basic Education by Emmanuel Ntakirutimana

Prof. Roberto Valentino, the EnRHEd project coordinator thanked the whole UTAB community for making this event a success.

On 4th April 2024,The team from @UTAB_BYUMBA headed by The Vice Chancellor, @MunanaGilbert , met with the team from Beijing Wenhua Online Education Technology Co., Ltd chaired by Dr. Jason Jin, to discuss the terms of the MoU about the introduction of smart Education in UTAB.


on 26th March 2024,@UTAB_BYUMBA has presented different activities run by @UnionUtab for UTAB neighbors and UTAB vulnerable students. Different local authorities from @GicumbiDistrict were there

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