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The Induction Day Kicked off for New Students
Today: April 13, 2024

The University life is a strategic battle and journey for changing mindset, behavior, working strategies, financial management as well as learning from each other to gain knowledge and skills to become an important person. Nonetheless, a student would not attain such achievements without guidelines and provision of the University’s leaders and senior colleague-students as well.

On 06 April 2022, the Vice-Chancellor of UTAB, Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert welcomed the new students who recently joined the university in the holiday program at UTAB Community. During this occasion, UTAB Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academics and Research, Dr. NIYONZIMA Eliezer, briefed them about academic regulations and policies that will guide them during their stay at UTAB and presented them the key members of UTAB staff and services.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor reminded them to work hard and hand in hand to meet the UTAB motto which is Education, Scientia, Ministeria (Ubumenyi-Buhanga, Uburezi- Burere no Kuba Ingirakamaro) shedding light on each of the three components and requirements to achieve the motto. He said that as the students of the Faculty of Education, teaching is one of the world’s most demanding careers, mainly because it involves shaping, enlightening and glooming individuals to excel not only in their career of education but also in their life in general. Therefore, in order to master that skill, it requires one to have comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter, curriculum, professional standards, and broad knowledge about the world to fully deliver to the beneficiaries’ expectations.

He further emphasized quality service delivery and how the work would be organized throughout the year and encouraged students to make much effort in order to be successful in their tasks and when the target is reached, they will be of great importance to themselves, the country, and the whole of humanity as a good the teacher is a good foundation for a better nation.

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On 4th April 2024,The team from @UTAB_BYUMBA headed by The Vice Chancellor, @MunanaGilbert , met with the team from Beijing Wenhua Online Education Technology Co., Ltd chaired by Dr. Jason Jin, to discuss the terms of the MoU about the introduction of smart Education in UTAB.


on 26th March 2024,@UTAB_BYUMBA has presented different activities run by @UnionUtab for UTAB neighbors and UTAB vulnerable students. Different local authorities from @GicumbiDistrict were there

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