This ceremony took place on Saturday 8th January 2022 at UTAB main campus.

The ceremony was attended by different honorable dignities including the Minister of Local government, Honorable Gatabazi JVM, UTAB Legal Representative, Deputy Legal Representative, the Governor of Northern Province, Local government officials, UTAB senior Managers and the Representatives of UTAB students.

In his message, Dr. Ndahayo Fidele who was recently appointed as CEO of Rwanda Atomic Energy Board welcomed his successor Fr. Dr. Munana Gilbert. He also addressed the heartfelt thanks to the UTAB association for the trust bestowed on him for serving UTAB. In addition, he thanked the Management and Staff of the University for the efforts and commitment they proved in difficult moments of the pandemic disease of Covid-19. These efforts led to the success of UTAB. He furthermore said that the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB) pledged to offer total quality education that will not only be driven by the labor market but also the country’s development aspiration.

Fr. Dr. Munana Gilbert also appreciated the dynamics of transparency in the management of human, projects and financial resources, instilled by Dr. Ndahayo Fidele. He promised to continue this dynamic with all the staff to further strengthen and develop UTAB. He will also take advantage of the valuable advice he received from his predecessors.

The Minister of Local government, who was the guest of honor, appreciated the growth of UTAB as a step forward, adding that, continued cooperation and collaboration would lead to the socio-economic development of the District, and the region at large benefiting both students, local community, and the University. He called upon the whole management of UTAB to deliver the education of quality and facilitate the students with adequate materials.

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