Social Science

YearArticle's titleAuthorDepartmentLink
2022Book: L'experience avec l'Esprit Saint dans le Renouveau charismatiqueFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022Paper: Impact anthropo-spirituel de Radio Maria sur son audience au Rwanda: de la crise a l'esperance (in Communio no 1(9) Annee 5, 2022, pp 72-89)Fr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022Workshop: Waste Management and Circular Economy_Creation of a Training CentreFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022Conference: Anthropo-economic analysis of Kigali potentials as UNESCO’s city of gastronomy Fr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022La Vita Di Dio Nell'adorazione Eucaristica - Percorso Di Iniziazione. DeFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022L'anthropologie Des Abarangi Et L'Inculturation ChrétienneFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2022Conference: ICT Innovation in Fighting against Human Trafficking through Detecting Body AdrenalineFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2019Doctoral supervision and socratic methodsFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2018Palliative Care to dying patients with chronic diseasesFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2018Oral Hygiene in rural areasFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2018Entrepreneurship and anthropo-socialogy of young female sex workersFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2017Anthropos’ Smartness as Pillar for Anthropo-Social and_Economic Development: Case of Sanitation in Mbuganzeri Model_Village, Rweru Sector in Bugesera District (2016-2017)Fr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2017Anthropo-Social Palliative Care to Dying Patients with Chronic Diseases: A Case Study of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK): 2015-2017Fr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2017Adherence to Abagirwa's shamanism and anthropological statusFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2013L'etrange dans le courant religieux des abarangiFr.Dr.HAKIZIMANA LucienSocial ScienceDownload
2016Agriculture and Food Security in Gicumbi District, Northern
Province of Rwanda
Alexandre NTEZIMANASocial ScienceDownload
2018Sexual and Reproductive Health among Rural
Adolescents in Kamonyi District, Southern Province of Rwanda
Alexandre NTEZIMANASocial ScienceDownload
2018Entrepreneurship as a Key to Anthropo-Social and Economic
Development in Rwanda: Case of Young Female Sex Workers
Assisted by PCLS in Byumba City, Byumba Sector in Gicumbi
District (2016-2017)
Alexandre NTEZIMANASocial ScienceDownload
MUKAYISENGA GénéreuseSocial ScienceDownload