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UTAB Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Gastronomy (CEAG)
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Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Gastronomy (CEAG)

Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Gastronomy (CEAG)

UTAB Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Gastronomy (CEAG) is an institution dedicated to studying, promoting, and advancing agriculture and gastronomy. It serves as a hub for research, education, and collaboration in these fields, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices, local and seasonal ingredients, and the cultural significance of food. Through activities such as research, culinary training, events, and support for farmers and producers, the center aims to enhance the understanding and appreciation of food while fostering innovation and preserving food traditions. Its ultimate goal is to create a platform for knowledge exchange, innovation, and the celebration of food culture.

What We Do


Till now, there are 36 Cities of Gastronomy worldwide.
Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between food and culture, the art of preparing foods, the cooking styles and the science of good eating.
In Africa, only one city, Overstrand Hermanus in South Africa, is in the network of UNESCO’s cities of gastronomy
Livestock Hub
Equip modern small scale meat processing unit
This project itself is innovative by introducing and enhancing updated and improved livestock farming techniques, Introduction of improved breeds, Artificial insemination for pig farming, Enhance updated breeding technologies: nutrition, health care, follow-up.
Participatory certified seed production
Increase smallholder farm productivity through the promotion of new agriculture technologies.
To increase farmer’s knowledge on Good Agricultural Practices through the initiation of seed center of excellence

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