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Over 700 UTAB’s Students Got their Degrees
Today: June 22, 2024
12th Graduation Ceremony at University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB)

For the occasion of 12th graduation ceremony, on 1st December 2023, University of Technology and Arts of BYUMBA (UTAB) has provided degrees to its students who have completed their studies in academic year 2022-2023. All Graduates were 788 including 744 who got Bachelors’ Degrees and 44 who got postgraduate Diplomas in Education. It was a ceremony that was held at UTAB main campus in BYUMBA.

The UTAB Vice Chancellor, Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O.P., has congratulated the Graduates for their achievements and promised them that their hard work will not be in vain because very soon they will start to harvest the fruits of their sweats.

Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O.P., The Vice Chancellor of UTAB

The Vice Chancellor continued telling the guests that UTAB is now a University which provides high quality of education which is based on more practices. He said that UTAB is now renewing its programs and very soon it will start to provide Masters degrees. He also said that UTAB is strengthening its international partnerships in order to enhance technology, research and trainings which will lead to the vision of RWANDA.

The student who spoke on behalf of others, MUSABE Libérée, has thanked UTAB for how it does all the best in order to provide high quality education to its students. She said that they are ready to put into practice the knowledge they got from UTAB to contribute in development of RWANDA.

The UTAB Legal Representative, His Grace Rtd. Mgr. NZAKAMWITA Servilien, has congratulated all graduates and wish them all the best in their coming life. He reminded UTAB staff to continue working hard so that UTAB can improve and reach at the other good level which is higher than where it is today.

The guest of Honor, Mr. KARAKE Ferdinand the Advisor to the Governor of Northern Province, has also thanked UTAB for its part in providing good competitors on job market because it is obvious that the ones who have studied in UTAB do their job professionally which lead to sustainable development of Rwanda.

KARAKE Ferdinand, The Advisor to the Governor of Northern Province and the Guest of Honor in UTAB 12th Graduation Ceremony

The 12th graduation ceremony took over by launching Green UTAB project where the participants planted the trees of hope aiming at protecting UTAB campus to avoid rain water which can cause erosion to the surrounding people located near the university. This act was led by Advisor to the Governor of Northern Province Mr. KARAKE Ferdinand who was representing the Governor of Northern Province and the Vice Chancellor of UTAB Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O.P.

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Gicumbi hari ubuzima.

During the JADF Gatsibo open day, which started on 11th June to 14th June, 2024 @GatsiboDistrict, @UTAB_BYUMBA has got opportunity to explain to public its faculties and how it works in providing a high quality education


From 11th to 14th June 2024, @UTAB_BYUMBA is participating in open day, JADF @GatsiboDistrict as one of @GatsiboDistrict partners

Mu Kwibuka ku nshuro ya 30 Genocide yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda muri Mata 1994 muri
hacanwe urumuri rw'ikizere

Kuri uyu wa 08 Kamena 2024 muri @UTAB_BYUMBA habereye igikorwa cyo #kwibuka30 Genocide yakorewe abatutsi muri Mata 1994


On 17th May 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA held a one-day validation workshop for the Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative project (EOA-I). @RwandaRoam


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