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New Students’ Guild Council at UTAB pledge good leadership
Today: June 22, 2024
Twenty-seven members of the newly elected guild council at the University of Technology and
Arts of Byumba (UTAB) took their oath by pledging good leadership to students’ colleagues in a
remarkable event that took place on 29 th October, 2021.
On behalf of the UTAB students ‘union former Guild President Mr.Iradukunda Kevin, thanked
the University leadership, Lecturers, support staff and all students as they are the ones who
contributed the most to their success. He urged the newly elected to work in line with the UTAB
Motto which is “Education –Scientia –Ministeria ‘’ (Uburezi Burere , Ubumenyi Buhanga
no kubingirakamaro) he tells them to always remember that they are at UTAB for the major
purpose which is acquiring knowledge and that the latter will help them to better serve their
colleagues and respective countries.
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic and Research who
officiated the ceremonies advised the newly elected committee to be at students’ services and
fulfill their responsibilities with diligence as reflected in their oath. He also called on the new
committee to uphold values of Unit, accountability and thinking big.
The students’ Guild Council is made of twenty-seven students and the elected guild President is
Mr. Uwishema Eddy

Handover between out-going Guild President Mr. Iradukunda Kevin and in-coming Guild president Mr. Uwishema Eddyniriya

Uyu munsi muri @GicumbiDistrict hasojwe imurikabikorwa ryateguwe n'akarere ku bufatanye na #JADF Gicumbi aho abikorera babonye umwanya mwiza wo kugaragaza ibyo bakora ,Ni igikorwa cyasojwe n'umuyobozi w'Akarere @NzabonimpaEmmy
Gicumbi hari ubuzima.

During the JADF Gatsibo open day, which started on 11th June to 14th June, 2024 @GatsiboDistrict, @UTAB_BYUMBA has got opportunity to explain to public its faculties and how it works in providing a high quality education


From 11th to 14th June 2024, @UTAB_BYUMBA is participating in open day, JADF @GatsiboDistrict as one of @GatsiboDistrict partners

Mu Kwibuka ku nshuro ya 30 Genocide yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda muri Mata 1994 muri
hacanwe urumuri rw'ikizere

Kuri uyu wa 08 Kamena 2024 muri @UTAB_BYUMBA habereye igikorwa cyo #kwibuka30 Genocide yakorewe abatutsi muri Mata 1994


On 17th May 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA held a one-day validation workshop for the Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative project (EOA-I). @RwandaRoam


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