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International Conference on Science and Technology (ICT, Geomatics, Agriculture , Biology)
Today: February 23, 2024

On Thursday, 2nd June 2022, at UTAB, there has been an International Conference on Science and Technology (ICT, Geomatics, Agriculture, and Biology) jointly organized by University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB), Université de Liège (Belgium) and EnRHEd Project.

This International Conference is the framework of “Enhancement of Rwandan Higher Education in strategic fields for sustainable growth (EnRHEd), a project developed under Erasmus + which has been launched in UTAB on 17th February 2020. A consortium of universities from Europe and universities from Rwanda collaborated in the elaboration and implementation of this project. 3 universities from Europe are: the University of Parma (Italy), the University of Liege (Belgium), and RFH/ Cologne (Germany). On the side of Rwanda, 4 Higher Learning Institutions are involved in the project: the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB), University of Rwanda (UR), Institut d’Enseignement Superieur (INES Ruhengeri), and IPRC Musanze.

The Project Manager Fr. Dr. HAKIZIMANA Lucien said that after the launch, several activities started such as E-learning training of academic staff and students, the purchase of digital equipment, the programme revision of agribusiness, crop production, animal production, and management of forest plantations and ecosystem.

A Master of Science in urban management and development studies has been developed with the following specializations:

  1. Strategic Urban and regional planning,
  2. Urban environment, sustainability, and climate change management
  3. Urban housing, equity, and social justice

In the coming months, 2 tutorials assistants, staff of UTAB, will join the University of Parma/Italy for master’s studies of 2 years, and 2 students will conduct an industrial attachment of 2 months at the University of RFH/Cologne (Germany) and will be accompanied by a lecturer/mentor from UTAB.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice-Chancellor Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, welcomed all participants and thanked them for being present at UTAB. He said that all topics of that conference deal with “science and technology” and they are in the close line of the vision of founders of the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB). Furthermore, technology is the major orientation of UTAB and one of the priorities of the vision 2050 of the Government of Rwanda.

The Vice-Chancellor added that by 2035, the use of technology is expected to position Rwanda among the leading African countries in technology and innovation by 2035” and why not position UTAB among national and/or international leading Higher Learning Institutions! This is our dream. Consequently, UTAB is planning to open a new Faculty of Technology and wishes that after this conference they strengthen their partnership to value this technological orientation.

The following are the topics presented and discussed:

  1. ICT Innovation in Fighting against Human Trafficking through Detecting Body Adrenaline, by Fr Dr. HAKIZIMANA Lucien
  2. Challenges in Geomatics Education for Non-Geomaticians, by Prof. ROLAND Billen;
  3. Effects of Teachers’ Skills in Using ICT on the Quality of Students’ Learning in Secondary Schools, by Dr. NIYONZIMA Eliezer
  4. Determining Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Ruminants Reared in Gicumbi District, by Dr. RUGWIRO Patrick;
  5. Assessing of Farmer Indigenous Knowledge on Management of Field on Storage Crop Pest, by Ms. MUTUYEMARIYA Anastasie
  6. Water Management by the Use of ICT, by Ms. IRADUKUNDA Yvonne
  7. Isolation of Saccharomyces from Banana and Pineapple Peels and Study of their Bioethanol Production Ability, by Mr. NSANZABERA Fabien.

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On 15th February 2024, Students of @UTAB_BYUMBA who study Crop Production and Animal Production (Levels 3 & 4) had a field trip to the RAB RUBONA and SONGA stations. @HEC_Rwanda @RwandaEducation

On 13th February 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA hosted a meeting with Prof. Paolo CIAMPOLINI from @unipr to discuss the progress on the implementation of #GREATER project

Ku wa 25 Mutarama 2024, abakozi, abarezi n'abanyeshuri ba @UTAB_BYUMBA bitabiriye ibiganiro bijyanye no kwizihiza Umunsi Mukuru w'Intwari z'igihugu ku nshuro ya 30 uzaba ku wa 01 Gashyantare 2024. @IntwarizuRwanda @Rwanda_Edu


Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umwepiskopi wa Diyosezi ya Byumba bashyize umukono ku masezerano yo kwegurira imicungire ya Kaminuza ya UTAB, Diyosezi ya BYUMBA. @UTAB_BYUMBA

Ba Nyiricyubahiro Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umushumba wa Diyosezi gatolika ya Byumba bari gusinya amasezerano yo kwegurira Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA imicungire ya @UTAB_BYUMBA

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Muri aka akanya muri UTAB hari kubera inteko rusange y'umuryango UTAB, iraza gusinyirwamo amasezerano hagati y'umuryango UTAB na Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA yo kwegurira iyi Diyosezi imicungire y'iyi Kaminuza.


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