This Saturday, June 4th, 2022, at UTAB main campus, were organized a friendly match between UTAB and INES students is aiming to promote sports activities in the two institutions and strengthen good relationships.

Volleyball, basketball and football matches opposed teams of boys of both higher learning institutions.

The victory was hold by INES in both basketball and volleyball matches on the score of three sets to one in volleyball and 71 to 62 in basketball. 2 goals to one was the score in the football match.

Before the beginning of the football match players of both universities shared lunch as planned by guild councils of both universities.

The dean of students of INES thanked UTAB for having accepted to organize these matches and both guild councils for having planned together the accommodation for players. As for the dean of students of UTAB, he thanked INES in general and guild councils of both universities for their involvement in the success of the activity.

The return match is to be planned as soon as possible.

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