Most food industries carry out colloidal systems to manufacture foods. The lecturer and students from crop production both from UTAB carried out an emulsion as one of the most important colloidal system. As the end product, the team produced mayonnaise with consistent rheological properties.

Coagulation reaction: cheese making

Gastric coagulation is of physiological relevance and ensures a controlled transit of protein through the stomach; it ensures a more continued release of amino acids into the blood following intestinal digestion and absorption. Lecturer and students from agriculture both from UTAB demonstrated coagulation reaction based on fresh cow milk to separate the curd and whey. As the end results of the experiment. The team produced the cheese.

Food processing: fermentation

The demand for uniform and high quality food round the year even at remote places from production centre has led to improved food processing technologies. Food processing involves conversion of raw plant and animal tissues into edible added value ingredients. Fermentation industries are the most important food processing plants as they can provide the community with vinegar, wine, beer, other alcoholic beverages, bread, cheese, salting of food etc. Lecturer and students from crop production both from UTAB demonstrated fermentation process from pineapple as the raw material and Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the fermenting microorganism. As the end product, the team produced a wine with 9.5% vol./vol. of alcohol.