Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, in UTAB, was a public talk organized by the students of AERG Imenagitero in collaboration with the UTAB executive organ and the Authorities of local government at the District level, campus Management, Staff, and the students. It was comprised of a panel discussion on the ’The role of youth in Fighting against Genocide ideology and denial’’

All speakers were called by the youth to share Rwanda’s true stories on social media to neutralize those who use to share untrue stories aiming at disseminating Genocide ideology and denial and urged the students to work hand and hand so that genocide can never happen again.

The representative of the Army in the Gicumbi District said that it’s essential for youth to learn and understand the history of Rwanda, especially the history of Genocide against the Tutsi, so that “Never again” becomes a reality and strive for a peaceful country

Fr. Dr. Munana Gilbert, the Vice-Chancellor of UTAB said that many of the students were too young others were not yet born but now they have bred wonderful initiatives to organize the public talk on the role of youth in Fighting against Genocide ideology and denial’’ and thanked them for having done a commendable job at tackling. He requested them to be positive, work hard, and have a vision, to use their energy to build the country not destroy it.

Mayor of Gicumbi District said that the country is still struggling with denial cases and urged the youth to play role in fighting such cases by writing monographs on the history of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, for keeping alive its memory and to be used in fighting genocide deniers as are the future generation.