University of Technology and Arts of Byumba - UTAB

11th Graduation Ceremony at University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB)
Today: February 23, 2024

Thursday 17th November 2022 was the day of 11th graduation ceremony at UTAB. A total number of 763 students (345 females and 418 males) graduated in 3 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Education (in options of Economics and History, English and Kinyarwanda, English and Kiswahili, French and English, Biology and Geography, Mathematics and Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Geography and in Postgraduate Diploma in Education).
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences, Management and Development Studies (in options of Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Management, Rural Development, and Social work).
  3. Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Management and Renewable Energy (options of Agribusiness, Animal Production, Crop Production, Management of Forest Plantation and Natural Ecosystems and Renewable Energy).


In his welcome remarks, the Vice Chancellor of UTAB, Father. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O.P thanked the Government of Rwanda under the visionary leadership of His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of Republic of Rwanda, for granting land to UTAB in order to begin   but also to step up the measures to prevent from and combat the Covid-19 pandemic. All these interventions by His Excellency Paul Kagame are the basis of UTAB success which has culminated in this graduation ceremony being physically celebrated after a period of the global pandemic. He added that UTAB expect from the graduates to contribute to the labour market through good service delivery being confident that the knowledge and skills they have acquired will enable them to contribute to the country’s development.

He also highlighted the projects that UTAB is undertaking like the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Gastronomy and the transformation of former Gihember Refugee Camp into a Center of Excellence in Climate Change and Environment Restoration.


The Representative of the Rwanda Development Board Mr. MFITUNDINDA Amos who was the Key note Speaker of the day told the graduands: “your lives and careers are likely to take you to places you cannot currently imagine. At times you may find yourselves taking on challenges that you did not expect and for which you do not feel prepared. When such days come by, don’t fail or faint, keep on for perseverance brings victory and the credit belongs to those who strive valiantly; who err; who may come up short again and again, but who actually strive to do the deeds and spend themselves in a worthy cause and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fail while daring greatly”.

Mr. Mfitundinda further reassured the graduands that RDB will supported them for their career development. Those wanting to set up personal business are welcome to register their businesses. Those eager to know how they can transition to work environment RDB offers professional internship programs. They can also visit RDB Employment Services Centers in Musanze, Kigali and Huye for employment/career counselling and support in soft skills.

In his speech, the Legal Representative of UTAB Mgr. NZAKAMWITA Servilien asked the UTAB leaders, lecturers and other staff to continue producing relevant graduates who will not only taught sciences but also educated and able to compete in the current competitive globalized labour market.


The representative of graduates has emphasized that they have received quality education so that they promise to be to the good entrepreneurs.


The Director General of Higher Education Council Dr. Mukankomeje Rose who was the guest of honor on behalf of the Minister of Education thanked UTAB for the positive steps they have taken over the years in improving and broadening education. She also congratulated the graduates for this important milestone. ‘’It is indeed a very important milestone in your lives, one that ushers you out into the workplace, to start your life of service to your communities and, to your nation. This is what your training was all about; it was to prepare you for service. As innovators and entrepreneurs, you have to think out of the box, create new jobs and other initiatives and the Government of Rwanda will support you in this regard’’ Director Genera emphasized.

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On 15th February 2024, Students of @UTAB_BYUMBA who study Crop Production and Animal Production (Levels 3 & 4) had a field trip to the RAB RUBONA and SONGA stations. @HEC_Rwanda @RwandaEducation

On 13th February 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA hosted a meeting with Prof. Paolo CIAMPOLINI from @unipr to discuss the progress on the implementation of #GREATER project

Ku wa 25 Mutarama 2024, abakozi, abarezi n'abanyeshuri ba @UTAB_BYUMBA bitabiriye ibiganiro bijyanye no kwizihiza Umunsi Mukuru w'Intwari z'igihugu ku nshuro ya 30 uzaba ku wa 01 Gashyantare 2024. @IntwarizuRwanda @Rwanda_Edu


Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umwepiskopi wa Diyosezi ya Byumba bashyize umukono ku masezerano yo kwegurira imicungire ya Kaminuza ya UTAB, Diyosezi ya BYUMBA. @UTAB_BYUMBA

Ba Nyiricyubahiro Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umushumba wa Diyosezi gatolika ya Byumba bari gusinya amasezerano yo kwegurira Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA imicungire ya @UTAB_BYUMBA

Umuyobozi Mukuru wa @UTAB_BYUMBA @MunanaGilbert ari kugeza ku bitabiriye inteko rusange y'umuryango UTAB uko @UTAB_BYUMBA ihagaze

Muri aka akanya muri UTAB hari kubera inteko rusange y'umuryango UTAB, iraza gusinyirwamo amasezerano hagati y'umuryango UTAB na Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA yo kwegurira iyi Diyosezi imicungire y'iyi Kaminuza.


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