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Participating in Different Exhibitions Rises The University Visibility
Today: July 23, 2024

University of Technology and Arts of BYUMBA (UTAB) has participated in JADF Open Day of two districts. The aim of these Open days is to exhibit what different district partners do daily for the development of those districts.

From 11th to 14th June, UTAB has actively participated in GATSIBO District JADF Open DAY. During this open day UTAB has explained to different people of GATSIBO District about its mission and vision, its faculties, its ongoing academic and socio-economic transformational projects, how it provides a high quality education to its students, and how it plays significant role in community development.

UTAB Staff explaining to public about UTAB in Gatsibo JADF Open Day

It was a big opportunity for UTAB to attract many students. It was also a good time to get some crucial recommendations from different people of how it has to improve more its services. People who visited UTAB stand during this exhibition were eager to know UTAB and its functions which were explained by the delegation team.

It was not this Open Day of JADF Gatsibo District that UTAB has only participated in, because from 19th to 21st June it has also participated in Gicumbi District JADF open Day.

During this open Day, UTAB has exhibited different things including modern agriculture of Vertical farming irrigation system, electrical line protection system, Solar energy system, animal production expressed in more Productive breeding of goats and sheep as well as Hatchery and most beloved Faculties of Education (FED), Social sciences management and development studies(SSMDS), Agriculture, Environmental Management and Renewable energy(FAEMRE),that produce competent labor force at labor market and able to contribute in making Rwanda a knowledge based Economy.

Different results from UTAB students research have been presented in Gicumbi JADF Open Day

All these mentioned innovations include the results of researches that have been conducted by UTAB students during their daily lessons. These will help the surrounding community in development because students will teach the public how to apply them during the industrial attachments.

By participating in these open days, UTAB gains more visibility, where the attendees meet face to face with UTAB Staff who explained to them how UTAB works and what it has in its stores for anyone who will choose to be its student and stakeholder.

UTAB was given Certificate of participation

UTAB has participated in these open days because it is one of the partners of Gatsibo and Gicumbi Districts.

Districts open days have been established by the Prime Minister Instructions No 003/03 of 15/7/2015, establishing the Joint Action for Development Forum and its responsibilities, Organization and functioning, in its article 37, stipulates that in order to promote the culture of accountability, transparency and better service delivery, every district JADF organizes an open day event at least once a year.

Uyu munsi muri @GicumbiDistrict hasojwe imurikabikorwa ryateguwe n'akarere ku bufatanye na #JADF Gicumbi aho abikorera babonye umwanya mwiza wo kugaragaza ibyo bakora ,Ni igikorwa cyasojwe n'umuyobozi w'Akarere @NzabonimpaEmmy
Gicumbi hari ubuzima.

During the JADF Gatsibo open day, which started on 11th June to 14th June, 2024 @GatsiboDistrict, @UTAB_BYUMBA has got opportunity to explain to public its faculties and how it works in providing a high quality education


From 11th to 14th June 2024, @UTAB_BYUMBA is participating in open day, JADF @GatsiboDistrict as one of @GatsiboDistrict partners

Mu Kwibuka ku nshuro ya 30 Genocide yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda muri Mata 1994 muri
hacanwe urumuri rw'ikizere

Kuri uyu wa 08 Kamena 2024 muri @UTAB_BYUMBA habereye igikorwa cyo #kwibuka30 Genocide yakorewe abatutsi muri Mata 1994


On 17th May 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA held a one-day validation workshop for the Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative project (EOA-I). @RwandaRoam


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