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completion of admission, students can apply themselves online or at UTAB Main campus Read More>>

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The candidate should have the Secondary school certificate issued by the Rwanda Education Board (REB) or.. Read More>>

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UTAB runs three faculties fully accredited by HEC. These include the Faculty of (SSMDS),  Education, and  (FAEMRE). Read More>>

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UTAB Academic Calendar  all Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programs.. Read More>>

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UTAB wishes to inform students, parents, guardian and sponsors that only digital payment will be considered for paying tuition fees and other fees.​ Read More>>

Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O. P.
Vice Chancellor of UTAB

Welcome message from the Vice Chancellor

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the official website of University of Technology and Arts of BYUMBA-UTAB (former IPB).We have designed this website with the aim of keeping you abreast of the most recent achievements of our Institution, by providing you with the most up-to-date information, news and reports. In addition, it seeks to convey a broad view of the key role that UTAB (former IPB) plays in supporting the comprehensive development process of our Country-Rwanda, and in realizing the vision of our beloved country as well as the one of the founders of IPB towards the transformation of our country into a modern and need knowledge-based economy; all this according to our moto: “Educatio, Scientia, Ministeria.” Read More>.

Our Academic Programs 

We Transform Every Dream Reality.

Faculty of Education

We have department of education in sciences and department of education in arts and humanities. More Details>>

Faculty of SSMDS

SSMDS has deprtment of Social Sciences and department of Management and Development studies. More Details>>

Faculty of FAEMRE

FAEMRE has department of agriculture and department of Environmental Management and Renewable Energy. More Details>>


We offer postgraduate diploma in education to student who has successfully completed. More Details>>

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University News

Over 700 UTAB’s Students Got their Degrees
Over 700 UTAB’s Students Got their Degrees

For the occasion of 12th graduation ceremony, on 1st December 2023, University of Technology and Arts of BYUMBA (UTAB) has provided degrees to its students who have completed their studies in academic year 2022-2023. All Graduates were 788 including 744 who got...

Notice Board

On 15th February 2024, Students of @UTAB_BYUMBA who study Crop Production and Animal Production (Levels 3 & 4) had a field trip to the RAB RUBONA and SONGA stations. @HEC_Rwanda @RwandaEducation

On 13th February 2024 @UTAB_BYUMBA hosted a meeting with Prof. Paolo CIAMPOLINI from @unipr to discuss the progress on the implementation of #GREATER project

Ku wa 25 Mutarama 2024, abakozi, abarezi n'abanyeshuri ba @UTAB_BYUMBA bitabiriye ibiganiro bijyanye no kwizihiza Umunsi Mukuru w'Intwari z'igihugu ku nshuro ya 30 uzaba ku wa 01 Gashyantare 2024. @IntwarizuRwanda @Rwanda_Edu


Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umwepiskopi wa Diyosezi ya Byumba bashyize umukono ku masezerano yo kwegurira imicungire ya Kaminuza ya UTAB, Diyosezi ya BYUMBA. @UTAB_BYUMBA

Ba Nyiricyubahiro Mgr Servilien NZAKAMWITA umuvugizi w'umuryango UTAB mu mategeko na Mgr Papias MUSENGAMANA umushumba wa Diyosezi gatolika ya Byumba bari gusinya amasezerano yo kwegurira Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA imicungire ya @UTAB_BYUMBA

Umuyobozi Mukuru wa @UTAB_BYUMBA @MunanaGilbert ari kugeza ku bitabiriye inteko rusange y'umuryango UTAB uko @UTAB_BYUMBA ihagaze

Muri aka akanya muri UTAB hari kubera inteko rusange y'umuryango UTAB, iraza gusinyirwamo amasezerano hagati y'umuryango UTAB na Diyosezi gatolika ya BYUMBA yo kwegurira iyi Diyosezi imicungire y'iyi Kaminuza.


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