Ministry of Education and UTAB Discussed on How They Can Promote Quality of Education, Review of Academic Programs, and Other Development Projects.
A bilateral Meeting Between Hon. GATABAZI Jean Marie Vianney, Minister of Local Government and Fr. Dr. MUNANA Gilbert, O.P., Vice Chancellor of UTAB.
UTAB Hatangijwe ku Mugaragaro Club Y’ihuriro Ry’ubumwe N’ubudaheranwa
The Ambassador of Zimbabwe Paid a Visit to UTAB in the Framework of Establishing a Partnership Between Zimbabwean Universities and Private Sector
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Librarian's Message.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to University of Technology and Art of Byumba Library. The University Library is your gateway to information resources that will inspire and facilitate your research and study across all disciplines.

UTAB Library is a collection of sources of information hard copy and electronic selected by experts and made accessible for reference or borrowing, often in a quiet environment conducive to study.

Our Vision

Our vision is Building and maintaining a dynamic collection of library materials and electronic resources

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide accessible, high quality library services that support education and fulfill the information needs of students, Faculty, Staff, Administration and UTAB community 

Library Responsibilities

The Library ensures the following main duties.

  1. To ensure the maintenance of services and resources that will complement and strengthen academic programs of the University.
  2. To acquire and organize materials to simplify teaching and learning.
  3. To deliver resources in a variety formats to meet University mission and vision.
  4. To provide professionally all support needed by users, without any discrimination, with courtesy, respect, and confidentiality.
  5. To set up a comfortable and quiet reading & learning space for users

Our Vision

The   library provides information services to all UTAB community members. These include References, Current Awareness services (CAS), orientation and user education to new members printed and electronic collection, internet services and conducive reading space

UTAB Library customers are advised to observe library regulations to promote excellent information service delivery.

Working Hours

From Monday to Thursday
Before noon
Opening: 08:00 AM, Closing: 12:00 PM
After noon
Opening: O2:00 PM, Closing: 17:00 PM
From Friday to Sunday
Opening: 8:00 AM, Closing: 21:00 PM
During Holidays sessions
from Monday to Saturday
Opening: 8:00 AM, Closing: 20:00 PM

Our Online Resources