Laparotomy is a surgical operation preferably performed on the left paralumbar fossa in ruminants not only to confirm the diagnosis but also to treat different conditions like abomasal displacement. It also aids in removing foreign bodies in the rumen (rumenotomy) and delivery through cesarean section.

It is in this regards that on 3rd June 2022, the Faculty of Agriculture Environment Management and Renewable Energy organized a practical class to conduct exploratory Laparotomy followed by Rumenotomy using a sheep as a model. This helped students to have a clear idea of the required materials, equipments, and chemical products, understand the role of asepsis and antisepsis during a surgical operation and familiarize with different suture patterns used to close incisions made through the abdominal wall and organs. The operation was successfully performed by students of levels III and IV, Animal Production who also will continue with Post-Operative Care to ensure appropriate wound healing.