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2022Civic Education in Rwanda: The Impact of the Itorero ProgramProf. Vicente C. SininingEducation in sciencesView Document
2022Impact of Covid19: Rwanda's CaseProf. Vicente C. SininingEducation in sciencesView Document
2021Creativity in Higher EducationProf. Vicente C. SininingEducation in sciencesView Document
2022Conference: Challenges In Geomatics Education for Non-GeomaticiansProf. Roland BillenEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Workshop: Geomorphology and Physical Geography
Dept. of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
Chairman of the Earth Sciences Programme Committee
Associate Professor. Alessandro CHELLI
Education in sciencesDownload
2022Conference: Effects of Teachers’ Skills in Using ICT on the Quality of Students’ Learning in Secondary
Schools in Gicumbi District, Rwanda
Dr. NIYONZIMA EliezerEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Workshop: The world of the future, blockchain and the use cases technologyALEXIS HAVUGIMANA Education in sciencesDownload
2022Workshop: Synthesis of a Solid Mixed Microbial Bio-Fertilizer and Study of its CharacteristicsNsanzabera Fabien
Education in sciencesDownload
2022Conference: Isolation of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae from Banana and Pineapple Peels and Study of Their Bioethanol Production AbilityNSANZABERA FabienEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Academic journal: An Optimal Smart Tank Juice-level Monitoring System for Beverage Industries: A Case Study of Raha Beverages Company Limited, Arusha, TanzaniaYvonne IRADUKUNDAEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Academic journal: Development of QR-code based Interactive Dynamic Billboard System with Motion DetectionYvonne IRADUKUNDAEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Workshop: Automatic Irrigation System for Green Houses Yvonne IRADUKUNDAEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Conference: Water Management by the Use of ICTYvonne IRADUKUNDAEducation in sciencesDownload
2022Workshop: Electricity Consumption Management System And Economic ManagementRUTIKANGA AmonEducation in sciencesDownload
2019Information and Communication Technology in Ugandan Higher EducationJohn Michael Edoru and Tajudeen Sanni AdebayoaEducation in sciencesDownload
2020Factors Influencing Adoption of Energy Saving Technologies in Mateete Sub-County, SembabuleHenry Stanley Mbowa, Francis Kalyango, Kaaya Siraje, and Specioza AsiimweEducation in sciencesDownload
2020Performanceof Learnerswith Disabilities in InclusiveEducation in RwandaKigabo Faustin and Niyonzima Eliezer Education in sciencesDownload
2023Production of Corn (Zea mays) Starch and Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Starch and Their Application as Yogurt StabilizerFabien Nsanzabera, Alexis Manishimwe, Aimable Mwiseneza, Evangeline IrakozeEducation in sciencesView Document
2023Starch Metabolism in Plant and Its Applications in Food IndustryFabien Nsanzabera, Evangeline Irakoze, Alexis Manishimwe, Aimable Mwiseneza,
Jean Bosco Nsengiyumva, Fabien Nkurikiyimana
Education in sciencesView Document