Students welfare is paramount in all UTAB endeavors as a Higher Education Institution and this justify the existence of the operating Directorate of students’ welfare.

The directorate supports the academic and para-academic mission of UTAB by assisting students in their academic, social and cultural development through the delivery of a wide range of services. It plays a key role in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for the student community, helps students to achieve their educational and personal development goals and works with them to enhance the campus life and to foster academic excellence.

Duties and responsibilities
  • The Directorate of students’ welfare provides and monitors services and activities designed to support students along their stay at University of Arts and Technology of Byumba (UTAB).
  • The directorate serves as a link between students and UTAB administration in improving students’ life on the campus and in promoting a community climate in which learning can best take place.
  • It also welcomes and orients new students and helps them in not only integrating the university community but also in maximizing learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Mostly it takes care of students’ concerns and initiatives and encourages them to develop appropriate community behaviors and personal values and to participate in organizations that prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders.