YearArticle's titleAuthorDepartmentLink
2022Sustainable systems for soil stabilizationProf. Roberto ValentinoAgricultureDownload
2022GROUNDWATER: a hidden resource to protectAssociate Professor Emma PETRELLAAgricultureDownload
2021Yield loss assessment in common bean (Phaseolus
vulgaris L.) due to ascochyta blight [Phoma exigua var.
diversispora (Bubak) Boerema] disease
Dr. Clement UrinzwenimanaAgricultureDownload
2020Genetic Analysis for Resistance to Bean Ascochyta Blight [Phoma
exigua var. diversispora (Bubak) Boerema] among Common Bean
Genotypes in Rwanda
Dr. Clement UrinzwenimanaAgricultureDownload
2017Participatory Evaluation of Bean Ascochyta Blight
[Phoma exigua var. diversispora (Bubak) Boerema] and
Constraints of Bean Production in Rwanda
Dr. Clement UrinzwenimanaAgricultureDownload
2017Genotypic Response of Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris
L.) to Natural Field Infection of Ascochyta Blight
(Phoma exigua var. diversispora (Bubak) Boerema)
under Diverse Environmental Conditions in Rwanda
Dr. Clement UrinzwenimanaAgricultureDownload
2017Review of Breeding for Ascochyta Blight [Phoma exigua
var. diversispora (Bubak) Boerema] Resistance in Common
Dr. Clement UrinzwenimanaAgricultureDownload
2019Occurrence of potato taste defect in coffee and its relations with
management practices in Rwanda
Dr. Joseph BigirimanaAgricultureView Document
2019Population distribution and density of Antestiopsis thunbergii (Hemiptera:
Pentatomidae) in the coffee growing regions of Rwanda in relation to
climatic variables
Dr. Joseph BigirimanaAgricultureView Document
2022Conference: Determining Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Ruminants Reared in Gicumbi DistrictPatrick RUGWIROAgricultureDownload
2022Conditions Responsible for Meat Condemnations in Cattle
Slaughtered in Bugesera, Gicumbi and Rwamagana
districts of Rwanda
Fabrice MunyandamutsaAgricultureDownload
2019Factors influencing success of artificial insemination of
pigs using extended fresh semen in rural smallholder
pig farms of Rwanda
Fabrice MunyandamutsaAgricultureDownload
2019Land Use and Conservation: Sways of Agricultural Productivity in RwandaFabrice MunyandamutsaAgricultureDownload
2022Conference: Assessment of Farmer Indigenous Knowledge on Management of Field and Storage Crop PestMUTUYEMARIYA AnastasieAgricultureDownload
2022Conference: Online Agriculture and E-Commerce Information System in RwandaUWIMBABAZI Lea and UWISHEMA EddyAgricultureDownload
2020Climate-Smart Staking Strategies for Boosting Yield of Iron-Fortified Climbing BeansAlexandre Rutikanga, Nyirimana Claude, Cecile Kagoyire, Christian Nkurunziza, Sylvestre Habimana, AgricultureDownload