Vice Chancellor

Nyombayire Faustin
Prof. Dr. Fr. NYOMBAYIRE Faustin
Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Fr. Nyombayire Faustin is the Vice Chancellor of UTAB since its beginning. He is one of the principal pioneers of the good starting of this new institution (2006), of its dynamic development passing by its definitive accreditation in record time (2010). As immediate Responsible and a member of the Board of Directors of which he is legally the Secretary, Prof Dr. Fr Nyombayire Faustin poses bases of a solid university founded on the immutable values and always nourishing the ambition to be a development pole and a center of intellectual radiation as well as at the national, regional and international level: by not only reliable partnerships in the country and abroad; but also a perspicacious analysis of needs and expectations to select, set up, adapt and enrich constantly various research and teaching programs…

He contributes and serves in different capacities and at different levels notably:
  • Member (consultant) of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Rome
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the national Higher Education Council (the only member coming from a nongovernmental institution)
  • Member of the Council of African Union of Private Universities, Cairo
  • Member of the Swiss Organization of Philosophy (Société Suisse de Philosophie, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Philosophie), Friburg (CH)
  • Vice-chairperson of the Rwandan Organization of Philosophy
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Community Radio Ishingiro, Gicumbi District.
  • He lectures philosophy in various Higher Learning Institutions (in Rwanda and abroad)

He holds a Master′s and a PhD in Philosophy from the ″Pontificia Universitas Urbaniana″ (Rome); he did his postdoctoral researches in Freiburg (CH) and Stuttgart (D); he holds also a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Prof Dr. Fr Nyombayire Faustin is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church and has academic and ecclesiastical experience at international caliber (Rome, Switzerland, Germany). In the Catholic Diocese of Byumba where he is incardinated as priest, he heads the commission for the ecumenism and the biblical apostolate. Nyombayire Faustin is a preacher and lecturer at international level.

Among publications:
  • La Philosophie de l′existence et les paramètres du politique chez Hannah Arendt ,Rome 1993.
  • Topiques de la culture contemporaine. Edgar Morin, par-delà les scories de la modernité, Domenici-Pêcheux, Rome 1996
  • Homo Humanus. Dialogue avec Edgar Morin. Catania, 1999 (also translated into Italian by A. Varvuzza)
  • Die Weisheit als lebendige Ethik: die Philosophie der Weisesprüche Schwarzafrikas. Rwanda und nahe Umgebung. Heidelberg, 2003, in finalization.
  • Weibliche Werte? (Originally a conference). Frankfurt, 2004
As regards "hobby", he is also a musician type-setter of reputation:
  • In the domain of liturgical songs, he has more than 60 titles (oeuvres), including: Mwamikazi w'isi n'ijuru, Duhindure imitima yacu, Ni wowe bugingo budashira, Alleluia, Pasika ("Mu gitondo izuba rikirasa"), La paix de l'agneau, Heilig ist der Herr, Tubeshejweho n’impuhwe zawe, Umutuzo,...
  • In the field of festive songs there are: Ngwino uratirwe bose, Ushoje itanu gatanu, Uruyange, Indashyikirwa (UTAB anthem), to name a few.
  • Prof Dr. Fr Nyombayire Faustin plays quite well the guitar, organ, umuduri and traditional Rwandan drums...