Launching UTAB modern Agriculture extension


In line with UTAB mission of community outreach, on 25th July 2017 The University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB) in collaboration with the Germany Embassy in Rwanda has launched modern agriculture extension in order to support 10 rural   women Cooperatives in Gicumbi   District. During this event the authorities of Gicumbi District were present: The Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, Rwanda defense force Representative, Representative of Police, Executive Secretary of Byumba Sector and all Executive Secretaries of Byumba Cells.     

This event began by the introductory word expressed by the UTAB Vice Chancellor Father Prof. Dr. Nyombayire Faustin in which he asked citizen to well maintaining the aid given to them targeting its sustainability.

The citizen received 300 goats, 300 chicken and seedlings of fruits as well as vegetables for improving rural women livelihood and food security.


The Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs thanked UTAB about the donation and requested the citizens to rationalize modern agriculture and rearing of animals so that they overcome social problems related to kwashiorkor disease.

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