Labor Day Celebrations - 2017 in the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba  (UTAB)

The Labor Day is internationally reorganized and it is celebrated the 1st May every year in the world. It is the day during which both employers and employees come together to celebrate the achievements of the company/ institution and recognizing how better the workers are performing ; Also, the participants review what they did in the previous years and then come up with other measures of increasing the quality and products towards the general public.

This year 2017 in UTAB, the celebrations took place at Kamitsinga on 3rd May 2017. These celebrations began by the prayers honored by Father Dr. Lucien HAKIZIMANA (Dean of the Fatality of Social Sciences, Management and Development Studies (SSMDS)

Mr.Rukundo Eraste who is the workers representative of UTAB took speeches on behalf of all the employees and praised how UTAB gives opportunity to their employees in right way and he asked all employees to maintain team work spirit in order to achieve targeted objectives.

The Guest of Honor of the day was Father. Prof. Dr NYOMBAYIRE Faustin Vice Chancellor of UTAB. He welcomed the staff members and congratulated all staff for commendable service delivery. In particular, he mentioned the Head of Departments who always go beyond the call of duty to provide good service.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor praised again UTAB’s staff commitment and encouraged all employees to work collectively and much better in order to promote the institution’s image. He emphasized on the significant role of the current government which strives to avail all possible opportunities beneficial to the citizens’ development. He reminded all staff that UTAB is still undergoing some changes, and said that the Challenges are there, he admitted, but requested all staff to work together for the durable solutions rather than trying to resist on change. He concluded by wishing to all staff the bright future.

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