Community work - April, 2017 by UTAB Staff

The Community work is done every week of the last Saturday of the month. It begins at 8: 00 am and ending at 11:00 am. All Rwandans come together to perform a planned work known as “Umuganda”. They combine their efforts to do something positive for the good of the entire community; the main activities are cleaning neighboring areas, cutting bushes, building houses for vulnerable people

This Saturday on 29 April 2017, UTAB Staff participated in the Community work that was done in Ruhashya Village, Nyarutarama Cell, Byumba Sector, and Gicumbi District. It was done in interdependence with UTAB staff, Students, and high commanders of Rwanda defense forces (Byumba Camp).

During this community work, the students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Management and Renewable Energy (FAEMRE) donated trees for planting such seedlings to the neighboring citizens and helping them in the process of planting the seedlings

The seeds offered are the following:

  • Greveriya worth 1200
  • Kaliyandra worth 1000
  • Eucalyptus   2500
  • Seedlings of Passion fruits 1200
  • Seedlings of tree tomatoes 1000

The community work ends at 11: 00 am




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