On March 3, 2016, in line with the ongoing initiatives of the German Embassy; his Excellency Mr. Peter Fahrenholtz, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Rwanda, pays a visit to UTAB to meet staff and students.

His Excellency Ambassador was impressed by Rwanda’s tremendous progress in general as it managed to come back to its own feet after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi and of UTAB in particular in its participation to the country’s development. He compared Rwanda’s ability to go over the atrocities happened in 1994 to his country, the Federal Republic of Germany, and explained to UTAB staff and students how education can be the key to everything despite horrors happened to the Rwandan population.

He said that Rwanda as a country needs education; needs more educated young people who receive good education so that they can make a better life for themselves and that they can contribute to the development of the country. “After all, education is the key for the development of the country, for the progress of the country” he continued.

He went on saying that without education there cannot be real progress. “There are some countries which have natural resources or some other advantages but still which do not progress as much as they would be expected but countries which have education will always succeed” his Excellency Ambassador said.

His Excellency, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany talking to UTAB community

His Excellency, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, ended his speech by assuring their commitment to assist Rwanda in its way forward through the promotion of academic, cultural exchange in one hand; and to support UTAB, in the other hand, in its multiple endeavors through reinforcing libraries as books are very important to the functioning of the University.

UTAB Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Faustin Nyombayire, and his Deputy Vice Chancellors took his Excellency Ambassador to a campus tour and showed him the whole campus and the construction in progress.

UTAB senior Management showing the Ambassador the ongoing modern construction

The Ambassador visited UTAB library

visited Bio-chemistry laboratory

The Ambassador visited the UTAB eNotice Board  

Today UTAB, which started in January 2006 with only one faculty, offers now undergraduate programs in three faculties and two postgraduate programs in two fields.



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