The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Managements

The programme of the The Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Management and Renewable Energy (FAEMRE) is based on the key pillars of the Government policy in the domain of Agriculture, which is the transformation the sector from subsistence to a productive, high value and market oriented agriculture. FAEMRE is in line of UTAB objectives of contributing to rural development through promotion of sustainable agriculture and environment protection which are, in return, contained in the 5-year-program for priority skills areas to deliver under EDPRS II.


The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Management has 2 departments with various options:

Department Option
Department of Agriculture
  • Agribusiness
  • Agro-forestry
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
Department of Environmental Management and Renewable Energy
  • Management of Forest Plantation and Natural Ecosystems
  • Renewable Energy


  • Animal Production and management
  • Forest management
  • Environment management
  • Energy generation and management
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agribusiness advisory services
  • Farm enterprise management
  • Natural resources management
  • Environmental management
  • Community development
  • Agricultural project evaluation
  • Consultation
  • Research


Graduates in the FAEMRE from undergraduate programmes and short courses get the following awards respectively::

  • Certificate of Higher Education
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • Advanced Diploma of Higher Education
  • Ordinary Degree of Higher Education
  • Honors Degree of Higher Education