Chairperson of UTAB Board of Director

SHYAKA Anastase
Prof. SHYAKA Anastase
Chairperson of UTAB Board of Directors

Prof. SHYAKA Anastase, is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of University of Technology and Arts of BYUMBA-UTAB. Prof. Shyaka is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), a newly established national institution to serve as One Stop Centre for governance matters He has a wide academic recognition within Rwanda and Africa; and with vast research experience. He has extensively researched on issues pertaining to peace and conflicts in Rwanda and the region. Professor Shyaka is the former Director of Center for Conflict Management (CCM) at the National University of Rwanda (NUR). While at the University, he initiated two Masters Programs, currently managed by CCM, namely:

  • MA in Genocide Studies and Prevention
  • MA in Peace and Conflict transformation.
He is also the founder of two scientific journals which are published by Rwanda Governance Board, namely:
  • Rwanda Governance Review (ISSN2306-9236)
  • The Rwanda Governance Scorecard (ISSN2306-9376)
  • The founder of the Journal of African Conflicts and Peace Studies (JACPS), a referenced scientific journal of the CCM (National University of Rwanda)
He currently serves on a number of Boards of governors for public and private institutions in Rwanda, Africa and beyond:
  • He is the BoD member of the Global Center for Public Service Excellency established by the UN and the Government of Singapore (Singapore);
  • He is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the UN affiliated University for Peace (UPEACE), Africa Programme (Addis Ababa);
  • He was a member of the BoD for the National University of Rwanda;
  • He is a member (Academician) of the Rwanda Academy for Language and Culture.

He is one of the most prominent political scientist and governance Experts of the Africa’s great lakes region. He has conceived and developed the Rwanda Governance Scorecard, a kind of Governance index for Rwanda, which is published annually to gauge the governance status and drive policy reforms in the country.

He has worked with national and international institutions, including regional groupings (such as COMESA, EAC, ICGLR), on issues pertaining to governance, political development, security and conflict analysis as well as peace building in Rwanda and the region.

In 2007, Professor Shyaka Anastase has been awarded by the US Department of State a Fulbright Award as Scholar In Residence at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia (USA), where he taught "Social and Political Change in Contemporary Sub Saharan Africa".

He was involved in a number of peace and political processes at national and regional levels, including national reconciliation and political debates, the joint UN - AU process that led to the signing of the Pact of Stability, Security and Development in the context of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). Between 2004 and 2006, He was a member of the regional Technical Task Force (for Peace and Security cluster) of the ICGLR. In 2008-9, he was appointed by the Government of Rwanda the Chairman of the National Committee to study the fast-tracking for the East African Political Federation; and in 2010/2011, he was a member of the Regional Team of Experts mandated by the Heads of States of East African Community (EAC) Partner States to analyze the feasibility of the East African Political Federation.


He has authored numerous articles and books. Major Focus: Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region- Internal and international politics, development studies, democratization and governance, conflict analysis and peace research

His recent publications include the following:

  1. Rwanda Governance Scorecard 2012 (dir), RGB, Kigali. 2012
  2. Governance for Production and Development: Understanding the Concept and exploring its applicability in Rwanda ( dir.), Kigali, 2010
  3. Performance of Past and Present Political Parties in Rwanda (co-edited with C. Gasarasi), Ed. UNR, Butare, 2008
  4. La Résolution des Conflits en Afrique des Grands Lacs. Revue Critique des Mécanismes Internationaux, (sous la dir.) ( Conflict Resolution in the Great Lakes Region : Critical Review of International Mechanisms), Ed. de l'UNR, 2004
  5. Afrique des Grands Lacs. Sécurité et Paix durable (sous la dir.) (The Great Lakes of Africa: Sustainable Security and Peace), Ed. de l'UNR, 2004
  6. Conflits en Afrique des Grands Lacs et Esquisse de leur Résolution, Editions Académiques "Dialog" (Conflicts in the Great Lakes region and approaches for their resolution), Warsaw, 2003.
  7. Rwanda. Identité et Citoyenneté (Rwanda: identity and citizenship (co-edited with F. Rutembesa and J. Semujanga), Editions de l'UNR, January 2003.

Public lectures and conferences

In the last 5 years, he has also given more than 40 communications in public lectures, conferences and policy forums in Rwanda, Africa, America and Europe on issues pertaining to Peace and Security, Conflict analysis, Governance and democracy, public policy and development studies among others for international organizations, regional economic communities, western universities and think tanks, and national institutions responsible for public policy.

His professional interest is in International Relations, Peace and strategic studies, political development and Governance in Africa, with particular focus on the Wider Africa's Great Lakes Region.

Prof. Shyaka holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Gdansk (Poland).